The veins are the blood vessels which return oxygen-poor blood back to the heart. The deep veins lie beneath and within groups of muscles. They lead to the body’s largest vein, the vena cava, which then goes to the heart.

A DVT is a blood clot in one of the deep veins. It usually occurs in the pelvis region, thigh or calf. A DVT can also occur in the chest or arms but is less common.

At Vascular Health Partners, our vein specialists will evaluate your DVT and will determine a treatment plan that’s right for you. Call our office at (518) 782-3900 for more information or if you would like to make an appointment.

Signs & Symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis

  • Sudden onset of severe pain, cramping or aching feeling in legs and arms
  • Swollen or warm red area on legs

Our vascular surgeons treat patients with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in locations across the Capital Region, NY. Contact us at (518) 782-3900 for more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Manish Mehta, Dr. Philip Paty, Dr. Zachary Kostun, Dr. Priya Jayakumar or other members of our vascular surgery team.